It is a pleasure to endorse the Qualazine Program developed by Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli.  Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli is a well-established professional in the field of anesthesiology and quality of care and has made available his expertise and his up-to-date lectures on the most relevant issues on quality in health care. Through thirty main topics containing many lectures that deal with as many interesting subjects including clinical anesthesiology, organizational issues and quality in health care, the reader will have the opportunity to improve, clarify and update his knowledge in a comprehensive and clear way.  These lectures are a valuable resource both for students and young residents who want to learn the basics and for professionals who want to have the subject matter summarized in precise, up-to-date lessons.

Prof Giorgio Capogna, MD
Chairman, European School of Obstetric Anesthesia
Rome, Italy

I am writing to recommend the services of Dr. Claudio Loffreda-Mancinelli and the QualazineProgram.  With decades of experience as both a clinician and administrator, Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective.  His lectures and program reinforce and add to the importance of patient care, by focusing on all the hot topics in the field (e.g. narcotics use, opioids, quality control, pharmacokinetics, etc.). Beyond the mandatory ECM requirements that make the topics covered by Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli’s presentations crucial for the personal and professional updates, the program provides clear and thorough information that will enrich the knowledge and improve the performance of your employees, promoting their engagement with your organization and increasing the standard of care. Without hesitation, I fully endorse Dr.Loffreda-Mancinelli and the Qualazine Program.

Ignazio R. Marino, MD, ScD
Professor of Surgery, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University
Executive Vice President for Jefferson International Innovative Strategic Ventures
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
Executive Director, Jefferson Italy Center 

I have known Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli for almost 30 years.  Claudio has a fire and a passion which burns for quality and process. He has exemplified this every day while in active clinical practice and he carried it over into his administrative medicine career.  He has attained some of the highest accolades from the professional organizations he has participated in.  His work with his lecture series on quality is another example of the passion he has to drive quality and drive out waste and errors.  I highly recommend Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli’s web site if you have a desire to learn from one of the masters on quality in health care.

Jay R. Zdunek DO, MBA
Co-chief Clinical Partner
Agilon Health
Former CMO Austin Regional Clinic
Former Chairman Heritage Valley Medical Group
Previous President of Medical Staff Heritage Valley Health System

Missing from the range of quality management tools to date has been a concise compendium of easily accessible and reasonably priced lectures which can be tailored to each individual’s practice and institution and is now available in the Qualazine instrument developed by Dr. Loffreda-Mancinelli.  He has deftly combined his extensive clinical experience with a comprehensive study of quality to create a product with wide applications to a variety of practice needs.  

James S Hicks, MD, MMM
Former chair, American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Quality Management and Departmental Administration
Professor Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Oregon Health and Science University

Dr. Claudio Loffreda-Mancinelli is a force of nature. His passion for quality in healthcare runs deep, beginning with recognized expertise in his chosen specialty of anesthesiology and extending through his broad and multifaceted knowledge of the tools and techniques that help achieve that quality.  An established healthcare leader, he is respected and recognized both domestically and internationally. Those of us committed to improving our healthcare system are fortunate to have him as an ally in the battle to eliminate medical errors and elevate the Healthcare value proposition.

I have known Claudio since we shared a Masters in Medical Management program at Carnegie Mellon in 2006 and over the years have marveled at his ever-expanding knowledge of the Quality domain.  He has now consolidated his broad expertise in the Qualazine program.  This curated compendium of offerings is a useful resource to anyone interested in advancing their Quality journey. I am honored to fully endorse Dr.  Loffreda-Mancinelli and the Qualazine program.

James Ketterhagen, MD, MMM, CPE, FAAPL, FACS, FACHE
President and CEO
JK Partners, LLC